[Kyoto, Zen meditation] We regain quality of oneself. Buddhist cuisine and posture of contemplation experience (kokumo course, ten articles)


We face own heart calmly. Buddhist cuisine & Zen meditation experience

Modern people who send busy daily life. In Zen meditation experience, do you not face own heart? Heart should calm down silently all too soon when conscious of breathing calmly. As you do not take seriously, please participate casually.
After Zen meditation experience, I provide Buddhist cuisine "kokumo course" mainly on local ingredients. We grant "victim shu" where messages from the chief priest to each one entered to one that he/she experienced and do.
◆Lunch (Buddhist cuisine)
◆Flow of experience
①Visit, reception desk
You come by time for reservation, and please finish acceptance.
②Explanation (approximately five minutes)
③Posture of contemplation (approximately 25 minutes)
④Break (approximately five minutes)
⑤Posture of contemplation (approximately 25 minutes)
⑥After the end, please have Buddhist cuisine.
※The flow mentioned above is indication.
Please note that flow may be changed by the situation on the day.
◆Start time: 11:00

Experience-based rate

4,500 yen (tax-included)

It is included in experience-based rate
Experience charges, meal charges, consumption tax

The time required of experience

Approximately three hours

Running time

Can receive; period: Whole year (no fixed holiday) ※Tray, the year-end and New Year holidays (osodan)

Holding place

Three temples required
〒629-2504 77, Omiyachozennouji, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto


77, Omiyachozennouji, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto

The number of people

5-30 people


Come in clothes which are easy to do posture of contemplation

Cancellation policy

When reservation is canceled, please contact immediately.
When we are canceled by convenience of customer, we charge the following cancellation fee.

3-2 days ago: 20% of reservation rates
The day before, the day: 50% of reservation rates
It is cancellation, cancellation without permission after the start time: 100% of reservation rates

Please contact schedule and number of people change immediately.
You want and, by time and status, may not attach.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


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